Immigration Process Map

We pledge to serve you honestly, perseveringly, humbly and tailor-make you each with a process map to make your dream come true.

What is a process map for your immigration?

We are your immigration consultant, and we are also your Immigration Management Consultant. Immigration is a long and complicated process. It is very often that we see clients lost themselves in the sea of immigration possibilities. In some unfortunate cases, they’ve lost their status because of lacking a reliable management tool to help them to stay intact of their goal. To avoid this pitfall, Lanes Consultants will prepare you and personalised immigration process map so you can see for yourselves which stage are you in and what process to follow. You do not need to rely on words. You can depend on a process map to tell you how many steps for you to achieve your goal.

What is Mr Cheung’s immigration process map?

Mr Cheung is the 80-year-old grandfather. His grandson is getting married in Toronto, Ontario, in six months. His son also in Toronto is wondering if Mr Cheung could come to Toronto for an extended period, not just for the wedding. After consultation with Lanes Consulting, we recommended him to apply for a Super Visa that will allow him to have a multiple-entry and stay as long as two years each time without re-applying for a visitor visa.